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With over 2.7 Billion Smartphone users and 1.3 Billion Tablet users across the world, there has never been a greater time to build a Mobile App for your business. In this modern context, ensuring that your business is accessible to your customers via a mobile application is crucial in terms of customer retention as well as Brand recognition. The various platforms through which these applications maybe developed are endless and our dedicated team ensures that you get the best possible mobile application solutions out there!

At Weblankan, we deal with seamless iOS and Android Application integration, depending on which type of platform your business would work well with. We also deal with developing mobile applications for larger eco-systems such e-commerce solutions as well as high-end ERP application development. Our mobile application expertise can tend to any of your requirements, to ensure the growth of your business!

The Best at what we do!

At Weblankan, you can rest assured knowing that we use the best developers and programmers out there to ensure that you get a top-notch mobile application for your business. Being a Google Partner and also ISO certified are just a few of our recognitions that make us the best Agency to help fulfil your dream!

Native Mobile App Development

If you’re looking to create a mobile application for one type of specific platform such as Android or iOS or even looking to target a specific smartphone model, we’ve got plenty of solutions for you! This is the perfect type of application development process, if your target market tends to one specific type of niche customer.

Cross-Platform Application Development

As much as we tend to niche market segments, our development team also specialises in developing mobile applications over an array of platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. This type of Application development helps to promote your application to a wider segment of customers who use different type of devices, running different platforms.

Android Application Development

Our developers are fluent in Java and C++ Languages which are essential in developing Mobile Applications for the Google Play Store across a multitude of Android devices. Weblankan, is also a Google Partner which enables us to seamlessly get your application approved by Google and ultimately uploaded onto Google Play.

iOS Application

When it comes to application development for Apple devices, there are very specific measures to be taken during development to ensure that the application is compatible. The team at Weblankan are fluent in XCODE and iOS SDK which are crucial graphical elements in creating the best Apple Applications for your business.  

How we can help your

business grow!

Native Application

An application which is fine-tuned for one specific platform, to help your business gain leverage in what you know best!

Cross Platform
Application Development

 One application which is compatible over a range of different platforms and devices to help your application gain as much coverage possible!

Enterprise Mobility

Managing a Mobile Application isn’t easy, but the Team at Weblankan is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best security and mobility when it comes to application development.

Mobile Application

Curating a strategy to increase awareness and recognition of your application is an important aspect and at Weblankan we are able to provide you with such result driven strategic plans.

Mobile App

With Weblankan, the seamless process of integrating a payment gateway into your mobile application has never been easier!

Best User

Our Mobile Applications are designed to be user friendly, providing a hassle-free experience to all your customers who use your app!

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